Front Door Hardware

Front door hardware adds curb appeal

The front entry door is more than function, it acts as an inviting entry for guests into your home. This look should also include the door hardware.  Is your front door hardware dull and rusty or not functioning very well? It may be time for a replacement. If you are investing in new front door hardware, there are a few options you should consider before making the choice.

Multiple options

When looking for door hardware you will have numerous options. You will be able to choose from keyed or keyless locks, handles, levers, knobs, deadbolts. You want to be sure that whatever you’re choosing matches the style and finish of your front door.

Style and finish

There will be many styles to choose from when selecting front door hardware. Be sure that it matches the style and design of the home. Another factor to keep in mind is the finish.   You will be able to choose from brass, Antique brass, polished nickel, chrome and many others. Consider your tastes and your current home style so that you can choose to finish that you like while maintaining the same design.

Placement and size

Prior to replacing your current lock you need to look at the existing hardware. So that you don’t have to worry about painting unfinished part of your door need to find something that is the same size or even larger than what is currently there. You also need to measure the area as well to make sure that you purchased the right size.


There are basically two types of locksets available for residential entryway doors the mortise and the tubular. The tubular model is the most common and least expensive option.  One key is inserted into the exterior door knob which operates the lock..

A mortise lock it fits into an area that is cut into the edge of the door and typically comes with a deadbolt. When you turn the key the knob and the deadbolt are released which creates the most secure lock set available. If the lock that you are looking at does not have a deadbolt you may want to consider adding one. A deadbolt lock has an extra layer of security for your exterior door. Be sure to find one that has a low profile which can help protect your door from forced entry.

Choosing front door hardware doesn’t have to be tricky. Even though there are numerous options with this handy list you will be able to choose what is best for your home. If you are looking for exterior doors or hardware accessories call or stop by Gulfside Windows, Doors and More today where our experts can help you with all of your needs.

Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows & Tornadoes

How Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows Protects Against Tornadoes

Statistics show that about 1,000 tornadoes occur in a year in the United States. Studies have also shown that a tornado storm is capable can attain wind speeds of about 318mph, which is about 512 kph.


These tornado storms have been reputed to hit large metropolitan areas, causing a huge number of casualties in the process. In times like this, you’ll need to take extra caution to limit the danger of an impending tornado storm.

Everyday innovations are occurring and society is seeing new ways that can increase security against storms. Impact windows technology has a long history. Due to the persistent tornadoes and other violent storms, South Florida residents are focusing on upgrading windows and doors to impact-resistant measures.

These building codes have helped to reduce the level of damage and destruction caused by tornadoes. Did you know that impact-resistant windows and doors are made to withstand winds reaching up to 200mph? Hurricane impact-resistant windows can help protect your home against tornadoes and all wind-based storms.

Laminated Glass

The technology of the impact-resistant windows dates back to the 20th century. It was first used with safe car shields and then used for home windows to help prevent against tornadoes and other powerful storms for destroying homes and lives. The shatter-resistant film windows, as well as the inner-membrane technology, are the two popular options of these windows.

What makes impact-resistant windows so powerful is the heavy-duty frames with laminated glass and a special silicone glazing to increase support. This material protects the glass from breaking away from its frame. The inlayer of clear polyvinyl butyral helps to keep the window intact although wind-borne debris or the tornado may cause a crack on the window. This helps in the prevention of destructive winds, like a tornado, from gaining entrance into your house.

Possess A Strong Frame 

The frame of the impact-resistant window deserves as much commendation as does the glass. Impact-resistant windows are unlikely to break during tornadoes because of their strength. Although the impact of the storm may cause them to bend, they, however, come with weather stripping. This weather stripping prevents the entry of water into your house even if the frames if the windows should bend.

Due to long term usage, impact-resistant windows could crack and cause water to enter your house. The presence of weather stripping helps to prevent water damages due to varying degrees of storms.

Increase Protection With Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are very useful, especially for those that reside in places that are susceptible to tornadoes. At Gulfside Windows and Doors, our team of experts can support your window or door project by answering any question you may have about products or installation.

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PGT Windows Noise Reduction Windows

How PGT® Windows Reduce Noise

Your home should be your safe place and a place to rest or recoup from the day. With older or poorly installed windows and doors, you may find yourself hearing the outside world inside your home. If this is the case noise reduction windows & doors can offer the best solution to provide relief from outside noise. PGT WinGuard products can provide up to 32% noise reduction and provide increased security.

“PGT WinGuard® windows and doors significantly reduce ambient noise by absorbing sound rather than transmitting it, keeping outside disruptions where they belong.”

There will be a PVB interlayer also. Being thick, this layer can break down the sound waves that come from outside. The Sound Transition Class (STC) indicates the sound-reducing efficiency of the PGT WinGuard® Windows. This shows that the windows provided by PGT will ensure a very quiet atmosphere inside the home. PGT WinGuard® Windows can ensure uninterrupted sleep even if the house is located in a very noisy neighborhood. The glass of the PGT WinGuard® Windows reduces heat buildup inside the house so that the homeowner heating or cooling bill is decreased. This will facilitate more conservation of energy through the home. The window frames provided by PGT WinGuard® Windows come in a variety of designs, finishes, & hardware offering many options.

Ideal For Summer & Winter

Replacement Windows provided by PGT WinGuard® Windows is not only energy-efficient but also more comfortable. They ensure a better curb appeal. These windows are of superb quality and they effectively block the sound waves from entering the home. The special coating on this glass allows natural light inside the home but blocks UV and Infrared rays. Since emission from these coatings is very low, there will be no fading of interior articles including furniture.

During summer these windows keep the interior cool by way of preventing heat penetration and in winter it prevents heat from escaping from inside the home. PGT Windows offer double-hung windows to effectively block the sound waves that come from outside. The PVB interlayer and the impact-resistant glass together make the house free of noise pollution. When it comes to noise reduction PGT Windows help ensure that the homes are sealed tightly to prevent drafts of sounds from entering. The windows are made exactly according to measurements and other specified details of the home. The high-quality glass and the composite frame made of exclusive quality material together ensure superior performance by the windows. Once PGT Windows is installed the energy bills will be considerably lower.

At Gulfside Windows and Doors, our team of experts can support your window or door project by answering any question you may have about products or installation.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door is an excellent choice for modern homes, sliding doors can add more functionality and style to any home. Sliding doors are a popular choice for many homeowners because they have the ability to let in light and not protrude into the living space. Sliding glass doors are suitable not only for residential properties but also for commercial properties. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. All the options allow you to find the best option for your home. Choosing a sliding door is not an easy job and one should keep certain things in mind before spending money. That is why we have outlined a couple of areas to take into consideration before buying a sliding glass door.

1. Security

Security is the most important factor to consider when investing in a sliding door. This is because sliding doors can cause security issues when they are not protected properly. It is an important one to set up a door with an alarm system, curtains, and a strong lock system for increasing the security levels. The property owners should make sure that the doors come with security design and features which ultimately give options to obtain optimal results.

2. Durability

A sliding glass door can last up to 30 years and a homeowner should consider the thickness of the sliding glass door before buying. Apart from using thick glass, applying weather stripping on it will help to keep the dust away from the door. Another area to think about is utilizing vinyl on the door frame. This can help prevent chipping and other problems to a large extent.

3. Size 

Size plays an important role in a sliding door and one should know the measurements in detail before ordering a door. Those who are not sure of the size should seek ideas from professional contractors for overcoming complications. Moreover, it will help a lot to make a door with correct sizes which exactly fits a home or commercial property.

4. Frame materials

It is necessary to consider the frame materials while purchasing a sliding door. A sliding door should withstand from cold, show, heat, and other elements. Therefore, it is a wise one to buy a door product with high-quality materials for minimizing unwanted problems. Vinyl sliding glass doors are a great option for a property because they offer amazing thermal performance that can help lower energy bills significantly. Therefore, they require very little maintenance enabling property owners to save more money.

5. Compare

Gulfside Windows and Doors has a variety of sliding glass door options that are available, we have partnered with some of the top name brands like PGT, Simonton, and Jeld Weld to provide customers with the best quality. Take time to compare your options and select the best fit for your style of home and function needs.

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Bay Windows & Decorating

A bay window is a type of window built to project outwards from an outside wall which consisting of three windows. It opens up the room allowing homeowners to gain more benefits from natural light. Another thing is that it adds more value to a property by enhancing the aesthetic appeal to a large extent. A bay window can also provide good ventilation to a room thereby showing ways to enjoy a nice breeze.

Here are some ideas available for decorating a bay window room in a home.

1. Arched bay window 

An arched bay window is a great option for homeowners. Arched bay windows have more glass than bays, and are often longer than bay windows, which enables them to cover a larger portion of the wall and allows more light. Another great benefit is that they can curve around the corner depending on the structure. Arched bay windows are no doubt unique and have several great benefits.

2. Curtains

Curtains are an excellent way to decorate a bay window to create a positive effect and feeling. The curtains are available in attractive designs, colors, patterns, and styles which make the room even cozier. Pick the style that best fits your decor.

3. Window seats

Window seats are a suitable one for decorating a bay window room with styles. Apart from that, they give ways to get an elegant look with unique features. Homeowners can even feel more comfortable in a bay window room after installing the seats.

4. Transoms

A transom is a transverse horizontal structural beam designed for separating a door from a window about it. The transoms are a perfect choice for upgrading the styles of a home that can help get more natural light into your home. In addition, they share a unique look with amazing styles.

5. Simple window treatments 

A clear-lined window treatment makes it possible to improve the architectural style of a room. For example, the linen shades allow homeowners to control extreme heat throughout the day. On the other hand, their sheer fabric will help to get the natural light in a room with welcoming energy.

6. Shelves 

A shelf is one of the greatest ideas that can work well for a bay window room. Creating shelves allow homeowners to store books and other things. Apart from that, they help to enjoy reading in a comfortable environment to complete satisfaction.

7. Chandeliers and lights

Chandeliers and lights are ideal for decorating a bay window room. However, it is necessary to make a detailed study of them from different sources before investing money.

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Painting Your Front Door

As a crucial part in curb appeal, your front door tends to be the first thing that is noticed. Your entryway, it’s style and interior decoration is a key part of how guests feel when they enter your home. Whether you need to replace your entry door or it needs a new splash of color both are a great way to make sure your home stands out in a great way!

The secret is to take time to figure out what color flows with your style. There are lots of options and different styles, get inspired by these 5 exterior door paint color ideas.

Planning Your Painting Project

Before you choose the best color for your new front door, we highly recommend doing some planning ahead. One of the first steps is taking the front door completely off the frame. Not to mention to do your homework and make sure you have the correct tools.

Next, you need to get both a paint and primer, make sure you don’t pick just any but get high-quality brands. Another option is hiring a professional, to get the look you want. Considering that the front door is the first thing everyone sees, a professional would make sure that your project is done well. The average cost of a professional small paint job, such as a front door, is $585.

Pick Your Paint

Once the planning is done now its time to pick a color. The color you pick as should match the style of your home. You should think of your front door as the first impression and it can tell so much about you at the first look. It shares with guests where your home look is headed, its style and feel. Are you going for a more modern feel? Going for a bright & bold look! Or do you go with a vintage style? Consider the psychology of color as you a great place to sort through the different colors and how they set the mood.

1. Deep Red

Now we all have seen the increased use of red as the front door color, it is a very classic option. Against a brick or gray house, it can add a needed warmth of color. With a white home, it can help achieve the farmhouse look that is very trendy right now.

2. Fun Teal

Teal is a popular choice for the front door! Very fun and engaging! The peppy palette is a great alternative for a homeowner who is tired of a black or taupe door and looking to stand out. You have many shadows of the color to choose from make sure you test the color to confirm it is what you want.

3. Classic White

White can be a great choice if you haven’t decided on a style just yet. White front doors blend well with almost any look and have a very pleasing look. This option is very popular for front door colors.

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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Window And Door Company

Purchasing windows and doors for your home is not an easy task. Windows and doors are a very important part of your home, they affect the way your home feels and functions. The Gulfside team put together a couple of essential questions to ask before hiring a window company. 

What Type of Brands Do You Offer?

Always make sure to ask the window and door company what type’s of window and door products they offer. This is a very important question because of the higher quality window and door product manufacturers will make sure to review the company before they allow them to become a dealer.

Experience & Expertise

There are many choices to pick from when searching for a window and door company. It is your responsibility to determine which company has both the expertise, products, and customer service that will best serve your window and door project.

When selecting a window and door company, which will be replacing and installing your residential windows and doors, ensure that they understand how the work will be carried out and have a track record for it. You wouldn’t want to end up paying an excessive amount for their inexperience.

Member in BBB

Most professional companies have proper credentials on BBB. If the company is listed in Better Business Bureau, then you can check whether it has any complaints and check their rating. View Gulfside Windows and Doors listing here. BBB

References to Previous Jobs

Ask the company regarding the photos of finished work to ensure that the work matches what you need. Most of the businesses might not have photos available so you can get lists of recent customers where they work for the past one year. 

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Different Styles of Interior Folding Doors

florida windows and doors

Folding doors are very popular and can offer a comfortable and more inviting feeling. You can have them made of steel, wood, aluminum, or UPVC frames, this style of the door opens up completely. Regarding price, folding doors can cost more but they hold more appeal and greater value. Your dwelling opens up towards the garden and formulates a pleasingly aesthetic look. This style of door is very intriguing and can create a modern new-age experience.

Folding doors have increased attention in the past few years. The conventional patio door or conservatory door comprises of single pane system. When you purchase french doors they come with 2 openers, which can be opened from either side to develop fully open-aperture. Now folding doors are designed to be fully retractable.

Louvered Laid-Back Doors

The Louvered folding door is created with many angled slats inclined horizontally known as louvers. This folding door design sometimes includes both louvered and paneled sections, this folding door style has a relaxed and casual look. The Louvered folding door was originally created to offer increased ventilation for hotter climates.

Forthright Flush Doors

If you have your eyes on forthright flush doors you should now that often they’re considered simple and plain. Moreover, some of the flush bifold doors are enclosed with beveled or plain sheet mirror, as it is the best choice for laundry or linen closets inside bathrooms, whilst a huge, unframed mirrored surface will not look amiss. Prefer for flush types without mirrors when you like the doors to disappear visually rather than drawing your attention when you are with hallway laundry closet.

Pleasing Paneled Doors

These folding doors reflect an impressive look of the swinging doors with the construction of rail and stile. The vertical stiles and horizontal rails form a grid, which develops framed openings for flat or raised panels. Most of the doors come with a rectangular or squared panel and some with eyebrow panel or arched camber at the top.

Gleaming Glass Doors

An interior folding door requires less decorating as they already have a greater appeal with the design. Some glass-type folding doors take up the look of Japanese shoji screens with frosted glass or lattice-like grids redolent of the rice paper. Simple styles include glass panel with etched, plain, frosted, or clear with rail and stile type of frame.

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Vinyl Windows Replacement Pros & Cons

When it comes to replacing windows, it can overwhelming. Replacing your old windows to new ones can take a lot of work & time. Choosing which window or door design or material you would like, there are so many options! It is important to consider every option & which one makes the most sense for your current situation & future. Today we will dive into the pros and cons of vinyl windows.


Save you money in energy bills. With vinyl windows, you don’t have to worry about warping and losing seals. Vinyl windows can keep their shape with varying temperatures. They are the highest quality materials and resist heat transfer. By resisting heat transfer, they will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. 

Easy to install. Windows installation is one big task, which takes a lot of time and gives a lot of aches. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are made for easy installation, especially when replacing existing windows.  All you have to find out a reliable and experienced quality contractor, who knows how to replace your existing windows quickly and easily.  

Easy to maintain. When it comes to easy maintenance, vinyl leads its way with a reputable name in the market. There’s no beating these windows with its swing out, flip down, and pull out features for stress-free cleaning. 

Hard-wearing. Spending your precious money on vinyl will pay you back in the future. Once again, resistance to heat and cold is what makes this material stand out among other windows options. You can rest assured about the quality of vinyl windows. They will hold their shape, size, and color, over time.


Environmental Impact: While vinyl is cheap to manufacture, the manufacturing process and the material itself is all chemicals. Since these windows are not natural, they can impact the environment, and harm surroundings. 

Fewer options. Despite a huge selection of vinyl windows offered by various window companies with various different window options, glass options, and color options, no one can compete for wood windows when it comes to variety. If you’re looking for a variety, vinyl windows may not please you. 

Remain fixed: Vinyl is not a good option for you if you want to change your window every now and then as these windows are not paintable. Unfortunately, with these windows, you cannot mix thing up after some time. If you like to change, wood can be the best option.T

Windows replacement done right can give you comfort, and getting your hands on the right window can save you a lot of money and regrets, at the end of the day. When it comes to choosing the best windows, vinyl can benefit you in many ways, despite some disadvantages. 

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What to Consider When Buying Windows and Doors?

Impact Windows

Investing in windows & doors can be overwhelming with so many options and features where do you start and what do you choose? Time is a key factor to consider, why you may ask? Because new windows & doors will have to resist a lot of external wear, endure powerful winds, heavy rains, and freezing snow or regular corrosion. Unfortunately, you cannot fight against weather extremities and corrosion. But, with choosing the right windows & doors, it can make a huge difference.

Considering the fact that the weather will take its toll on your new windows & doors, you have to determine the right design, material, & characteristics. If you find it this a little challenging, our team has put together a list of what to consider when purchasing investing into windows & doors.

Purpose & Functionality

When it comes to doors there are many options, wooden, steel, aluminum, vinyl, & fiberglass. Select wood for visual appeal or steel if you want inexpensive doors. Fiberglass for durability or there is aluminum to resist corrosion & rust. Like doors, the functions of windows may vary with the styles. The basic function of windows is to control airflow & allow light in your home. Knowing each style & function can help streamline your choices, allowing you to choose the right window type to invest in.


With sturdy windows & doors in place, security is a concern that can be put to rest. Always, settle on the windows and doors that are effective at terrifying potential invaders who might be striving to harm you and your loved one. In addition, investing in high-quality windows and doors you can increase the value of your property.

Interior Appeal

When choosing windows and doors, give special consideration to interior appeal. Unfortunately, many people only take notice of exterior and fail to notice about the interior of windows and doors. In spite of any indications to the contrary, you should also be able to appreciate your windows and doors from inside your home. Look attentively at key elements such as proportion and shaping of space so that your windows and doors balance absolutely classic with the tiles, walls, and roofs.

Energy Efficiency

It is extremely important to choose windows and doors with an energy efficient design. While it can come a little expensive, comparatively, but can give you a maximum return on your investment. Windows with an efficient design are about 30% more efficient when compared to the most conventional double-pane windows, allowing energy savings, right after installation.

Architectural Style of Your Home

Commit to your memory, not every windows or door can work best with the specific architectural style of your home. For example, casement windows work absolutely great on a farmstead house style, but may not be so ideal for a traditional home.


Buying new windows and doors is one sensitive matter as you’re spending your precious bucks. Make sure you spend on a superior quality window or doors with at least 10-year warranty.

Check out, The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Doors and Windows!

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