Home Design Trends

As we make the correct first steps to 2021, there are a lot of internet and TV influencers putting out what they think are the best home design trends for windows and doors.

Home trends are not just about colors and style. They are more about technological trends and energy saving trends. Manufacturers are constantly adding new products to their window and door inventories so homeowners can stay protected and up to date on the latest trends.

Smart Home Trends

One of the more contemporary trends over the past decade has been the smart home trend. As we become more and more connected to technology, so do our homes.

From home assistants, to AC units, temperature monitors and front door cameras, technology enabled devices are making life at home easier to manage. You can even do this wirelessly from your cell phone now. You can control what is going on at your house with your smart devices.

Smart Home Locks

Windows and doors are not excluded from smart home technology. Doors now come with digital key locks, and windows with lock sensors. These are for extra protection whether you’re in your house, or away from your home. With the touch of a keypad, or an app on your smart phone, you can control the lock settings on your doors and windows.

Some models even feature an automatic sensor that will only let you in when your phone’s bluetooth signal is near. 

This also allows for peace of mind. If you’re out and think that you forgot to lock your doors, you can access an app that will tell you whether or not the doors are locked.

Home Energy Trends

As an increasing amount of homeowners want to make their homes energy efficient. Window and door companies have noticed. These companies are using modern technology to fix energy problems and create solutions.

Let’s take for example a home or property in Florida. In Florida, it is absolutely necessary to have an AC Unit. Window companies now have UV blocking coatings they can use so sun rays do not penetrate the windows causing more heat in the home. The sun in Florida makes it a lot hotter because of how close the state is to the equator.

Advancements in window technology have made it easier for people to save more money on their energy bills. 

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