Do Impact Windows Prevent Burglaries and Disaster Damage?

We usually think that impact windows help for just protecting us from the elements. You’d be surprised to find that they actually help prevent burglaries as well. We’ll be talking about the different ways these types of windows can help you and your loved ones, and how these windows help prevent burglaries.  

Dual Layered

Much like a car window, impact windows are dual-layered. When a dual-layered window breaks, there is a piece of plastic in between that keeps the window from completely falling apart. Instead, the window is still cracked, but the pieces do not separate. This is what is known as an impact window. They are extremely helpful in the midst of a hurricane, natural disaster, or burglary. 

Hurricane Protection

Impact windows are most known for keeping the elements out of a house. They will keep your family, pets and belongings safe, even during a hurricane. This is especially important because many of our customers live in Florida. Instead of trying to board up your windows with wood or hurricane shutters, you can have Impact Windows installed in your home. The same science applies, if debris happens to hit your window while a hurricane is going on, the window is able to sustain much less damage than a regular window.

Burglary Protection

 If a burglary is attempted on your house, impact windows help decrease the risk of an imminent break-in. Impact windows are able to help stop a break-in by making it difficult for burglars to completely break the window. If a burglar attempts to smash a window to get into the house to open it, it will take a while. Even trying to put your hand through a cracked impact window will cause heavily sustained cuts. It will also take longer to completely break. This is bad for a burglar because they are trying to break in & steal things with as little time as possible. Good luck with impact these windows as the first defense. 

Whether you’re buying windows for the first time, or considering windows again for another property of yours, highly consider your options for Impact Windows. Impact Windows are a sure-fire way to protect you and your family.

Living room in new construction home with wall of windows

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