Hurricane Proof Windows

What are the benefits of Hurricane Non-impact Windows?

Many coastal Florida homes have hurricane proof windows for obvious reasons. In order to protect from the heavy winds and rains during the possible hurricane, these sturdy windows will give you peace of mind. However hurricane proof windows aren’t just meant for strong winds and rains. There are a few other less common benefits to having impact windows in your home.

Energy Efficient

By design hurricane proof windows are meant to keep the wind and rain out of the exterior of your home. The other side to that is that they are extremely energy-efficient and great at keeping the air-conditioning or heating inside your home where it belongs. The multi layered design of these windows helps insulate your home and maintain the proper temperatures. This will save you money on your utility bills as well. Learn more at energy star

Noise reduction

Hurricane proof windows are also soundproof. Because of their design outside sounds such as wind, thunder and even the noise from your neighbor’s party will be muffled. Another benefit of the soundproofing is that it keeps the sound inside your home as well. Play your music or TV as loud as you want because it won’t bother your neighbors.

Added Security

Hurricane proof windows are similar to a car windshield when they are cracked. These windows will not shatter but rather crack and fragment. Hurricane proof windows make it very difficult for burglars to break into your home because they will not be able to break the glass fully.

Hurricane proof windows will withstand heavy winds and rains for sustained period of time. However they also have security, noise reducing and energy benefits. If you are looking to install impact windows on your home call the experts at Gulfside Windows Doors and More.

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