New Vs. Replacement Windows

What’s the difference between New Windows and Replacement Windows?

If you’re considering new windows for you home you may be wondering what the difference is from new versus replacement windows. Really, there isn’t that much difference between the two options. It all depends on the type of window and whether you can leave the frame intact.

Wood window replacement

When it comes to wood windows you have two basic options. The first option is a full replacement with the existing window and frame. Both the window and frame will be removed & brought to the studs. If the window sash or frame is intact then a possibility is putting in a new window insert without touching the frame. Considering how large your window is important because having an insert as opposed to a whole new window including frame can leave you with less glass space.

If you replace the entire window and frame. ou will have more area of clear glass. In addintion, you need to consider the interior window trim. If the whole window frame is replaced then the interior trim must be removed and cannot be reinstalled due to the damage it will incur during the removal process. If you have custom trim or any type of trim that you do not want to be replaced then you should have windows installed as an insert rather than a full window replacement.

Vinyl or metal windows

With these types of windows you basically only have the option of full replacement. For vinyl and metal windows the entire frame and sash is removed down to the studs and a new window with sash and trim are installed. Your home’s interior and exterior trim will have to be replaced. The benefit is that if there are any issues with your trim, it can be fully replaced. Your home could have a whole new look and feel.

Which option is best for you?

First of all it depends on what type of windows you have and the look you want. Also consulting the help of an expert will guide you in the proper direction for your home and personal needs and budget. When it comes time for new or replacement windows call the Bay area window experts at Gulfside Windows, Doors and More for expert advice, consultation and installation.

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6 Replies to “New Vs. Replacement Windows”

  1. It got me when you said that replacing the vinyl windows will have to be done completely which will give your house a new look since the trims will also be replaced. With this in mind, I will be allowing my husband to get our windows replaced since we have vinyl windows. This will help us sell the house in the future easily since it will give it a new look. By next year, we will be selling the house because we need to live where my husband has been assigned by then.

  2. I liked what you said about the full replacement giving you a fresh start, especially if there are problems with your existing trim. We’ve been meaning to replace a few of our windows, but I never even thought to look at our trim. We’ll be sure to check this out and see if the full replacement is the best option for us. Thank you!

  3. I like that you recommend using a consultant to guide you to which window replacement option is best for you. As someone who knows nothing about windows and what is best, this is probably a good idea for me. With cracked seals it is probably better to have the work done soon.

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