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July 1, 2017
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What is Low-E glass coating on a window?

Whether you are purchasing new or replacement windows a term that you will begin to see is low-E glass. You may realize that this is an important feature in your windows and that anyone do you buy should have low-E coating however you may not fully understand exactly what it means. Read on to find out why low-E glass is an important feature in windows.

Low – E glass

First of all the “E” stands for emissivity which is the ability of a material, in this case glass to be able to radiate energy.  When the energy from the sun or energy from your HVAC system is absorbed by the glass it is either pushed away via air movement or radiated by the surface of the glass itself.  It is important for windows to have a low emissivity rating so that the surface of the window will reflect radiant energy.

When a window has a low-E rating it means that the surfaces will improve the windows insulation properties. Purchasing windows with a low-E rating will keep temperatures more consistent inside of your home even on the hottest or coldest of days.

Low-E window coatings are very important for Florida homeowners. By increasing your insulation properties and decreasing the amount of UV and infrared light that comes from the sun you will gain energy efficiency and see a reduction in your utility bills. For all of your window needs contact the experts at Gulfside Windows Doors and More.

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